NZ's most feared crime gang the New Zealand Police are actively censoring research on crime and themselves

The degree of control the police sought over research findings and publications was more than trifling. The research contracts demand that a draft report be provided to police. If the results are deemed to be "negative" then the police will seek to "improve its outcomes". Both the intent and the language would have impressed George Orwell.

Researchers unprepared to yield and make changes face a clause stating the police "retain the sole right to veto any findings from release". In other words, if an academic study said something the police didn't like - or heaven forbid was in any way critical of the police - then the police could stop it being published.

Man Dies After Taking LSD

A Tennessee man died in Mississippi police custody after taking LSD. He was hog-tied by police to keep him safe and subsequently suffocated to death.

As Americans cower in fear of ISIS, the police in the US just killed their 1000th person this year

The number of people killed by law enforcement in the US this year has reached 1,000 after officers in Oakland, California, shot dead a man who allegedly pointed a replica gun at them.

Authorities said several officers opened fire on the man on Sunday evening when he walked toward them as they towed away cars that had been used to perform so-called “sideshow” stunts in east Oakland. Officers discovered later that the gun was a replica, police said.

Nicky Hager to seek disclosure from Westpac about breach of privacy

Several people, including news media, have been seeking comment from Nicky Hager and his legal team about the revelation on the weekend that Westpac Bank gave the Police his private banking information (including over 10 months of his banking transactions from all of his accounts).

It is difficult for Mr Hager to comment at this time. The part of his claim that deals with the legality of these Police information requests was deferred during the first hearing and has not yet been argued. However, Mr Hager is keen to clarify the position and answer the public’s questions as much as he is able.

The New Zealand Police are Corrupt and Lawless and a Threat to Anyone Challenging the Government

If you challenge the government or attempt to hold them to account over their corrupt doings beware the NZ Police. The Police are an organised criminal gang of thugs whose main purpose in NZ these days is to neutralise political opponents of the government. The intelligence agencies are likewise to be used as weapons to attack and harm anyone standing against the criminals in government.

What msm haven’t mentioned about Westpac narking on Nicky Hager:

The NZ Police are a Political Weapon for John Key

If you choose to stand up to the government here in New Zealand, whether you are an opposition politician or investigative journalist you now know that the government might send it's attack dogs in the form of our intelligence agencies or the police force to dig through your private business and use it against you without warrant or court order.

Corruption is flourishing in New Zealand since we voted in pathological liar John Key as Prime Minister.

Chicago Cops Have “Disappeared” More than 7,000 People at Secret Interrogation Warehouse

A lawsuit filed on behalf of the Guardian revealed a mind-blowingly high number of people who were effectively ‘disappeared’ at the secret warehouse prison used by Chicago cops.

As Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel blames the “YouTube Effect” for the animosity towards police, more than 7,000 people were secretly detained and held without due process in his town. Apparently, none of the victims, their friends, or their family members resent police for holding their loved ones without due process.

What's Happening To Nicky Hager?

Martyn Bradbury's latest posting on The Daily Blog should give every member of the democratic public serious pause. The allegations levelled at the NZ Police are serious and deeply concerning. It is very difficult, having read Martyn’s post, to avoid the conclusion that Nicky Hager may be the victim of deliberate political persecution, and that among the principal agents of that persecution may be members of the NZ Police Force.
New Zealand Cops Raided Home of Reporter Working on Snowden Documents:

Marijuana Dispensary Suing Mayor After Cops Raid Shop and Eat Edibles

A raid on a California medical marijuana dispensary at the end of May revealed questionable police practices by the officers involved. Now, Sky High Holistic is suing Santa Ana mayor Miguel Pulido, claiming he ordered police to shut down the dispensary because they did not pay a $25,000 bribe that would guarantee their place in a lottery system for a license.


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