Ret. Police Captain: Feds Use Provocateurs to Influence Public Opinion

by Kit Daniels: A retired Philadelphia, Penn., police captain recently said the federal government routinely uses provocateurs against demonstrators to discredit them in the eyes of the public.

Capt. Ray Lewis, who retired from the Philadelphia Police Department in 2004 after serving 24 years and was present during the 2011 Occupy Wall Street protests, said undercover provocateurs “infiltrated Occupy Wall Street like crazy” as a way to influence public opinion against the protestors, a strategy which is also used against other movements critical of the establishment.

Gordon Campbell on the shonky Police statistics, and Gaza

When people systematically alter how being statistics are recorded in order to gain personal and organisational advantage, that’s usually when the Police get called in. Yet in the case of the burglary statistics in Counties-Manakau, it was the Police doing the fudging and – at the time – it was then-Police Minister Judith Collins claiming the credit, and flourishing the stats as a sign of just how effective the Key government was at fighting crime.

The 2011 Crime Statistics released this week indicate reported crime is down 15 percent in the Counties-Manukau South District, which includes Papakura and Pukekohe, during the fiscal year ended 30 June 2011.

USA Seven Reasons Police Brutality Is Systemic, Not Anecdotal

Darrin Manning’s unprovoked “stop and frisk” encounter with the Philadelphia police left him hospitalized with a ruptured testicle. Neykeyia Parker was violently dragged out of her car and aggressively arrested in front of her young child for “trespassing” at her own apartment complex in Houston. A Georgia toddler was burned when police threw a flash grenade into his playpen during a raid, and the manager of a Chicago tanning salon was confronted by a raiding police officer bellowing that he would kill her and her family, captured on the salon’s surveillance. An elderly man in Ohio was left in need of facial reconstructive surgery after police entered his home without a warrant to sort out a dispute about a trailer.

A SWAT team blew a hole in my 2-year-old son

Alecia Phonesavanh: That's right: Officers threw a flashbang grenade in my son's crib -- and left a hole in his chest. It gets worse. After our house burned down in Wisconsin a few months ago, my husband and I packed our four young kids and all our belongings into a gold minivan and drove to my sister-in-law’s place, just outside of Atlanta. On the back windshield, we pasted six stick figures: a dad, a mom, three young girls, and one baby boy.

Illegal Drugs Claim Another Victim, Baby Severely Burned In Cot

“I stand behind what our team did,” insists Habersham County, George Sheriff Joey Terrell, referring to a 3:00 a.m. no-knock SWAT raid in which a 19-month-old child was severely burned by a flash-bang grenade. “There’s nothing to investigate, there’s nothing to look at,” continued the sheriff, relaying the conclusions of the County DA’s office and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. “Bad things can happen. That’s just the world we live in.”

If anyone is to blame, Terrell maintains, it was the alleged drug dealers who had supposedly sold drugs to a “cooperating informant.”

Dotcom Bomb: U.S. Case Against Megaupload is Crumbling

Embracing the role of IT entrepreneur in his adopted home of New Zealand, he has fought tooth and nail to defeat a puppet prosecution, acting on the behalf of the U.S. government, which is in turn intimately tied to and acting on behalf of the big money U.S. entertainment industry. And after a long fight Kim Dotcom is on a verge of winning.

Bent Cops NZ

A large and very informative site providing revealing insight into Police corruption in New Zealand. Be assured this is only the "tip of the ice-berg" when it comes to Police corruption in New Zealand.

Dallas Police Association against citizens filming police

The police association says they support dashcams and bodycams. Of course, those devices are property of the department and would be operated by the same caliber of officer that would turn it off while another officer plants evidence. In an almost laughable twist, the Dallas Police operate a program called Iwatch that requests that citizens spy on their neighbors and send in video and photos via a smartphone app. To recap: a citizen is apparently ok while spying on neighbors and providing evidence to law enforcement and runs no risk of harm, but when a citizen is filming a police officer, suddenly the video is less reliable and the camera operator may be in danger.

Citizen Attempts to Pull Over a Cop, “You are required by law to wear your seat belt! Pull your a$$ over!”

A civilian tries to call out the police on their “above the law” hypocrisy by attempting to pull over and cite an officer driving down the road without his seat belt on. The cop scoffs at the underling’s attempts, but it is a valiant effort nonetheless.

What Happens When You Talk to Cops Like They Talk to You

What happens when the ones who do the shaking down are shook down? The interrogation, the harassment, let’s see how fun cops think it is when they get a taste of their own medicine.

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