So Cameron Slater has published Kim Dotcoms private mobile number on Whaleoil blog

What an asshole. You can tell Mr Slater how much of an asshole he is here:
Cameron Slater, Ph 64 21 535724
Or write him a letter: Cameron John SLATER
3/10 Salford Crescent, Flat Bush, Auckland, 2016 , New Zealand


Cliff Richard Denies Kiddie Fiddling

Yeah mate, Rolf Harris claimed he was innocent until the very bitter end as well.

Snowden critic resigns Naval War College after online penis photo flap

John Schindler, the former NSA analyst and an outspoken critic of Edward Snowden, resigned Monday from his position as a professor at the US Naval War College months after a picture of his alleged penis surfaced online. The professor of national security affairs announced via twitter his resignation from the Rhode Island institution, effective Aug. 29.

"Sorry to say I'm severing my affiliation with Naval War College. I had a great time there but it's time to move on. Thanks for your support," Schindler tweeted.
READ MORE: http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2014/08/snowden-critic-resigns-naval-...

South Korea likely to acquire Iron Dome system from Israel

The South Korean Government is reportedly interested in the acquisition of an Iron Dome anti-missile defence system from Israel in an effort to bolster protection against rockets launched from North Korea.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems CEO Yedidia Yaari was quoted by Israel’s Army Radio as saying that Iron Dome’s performance in the ongoing Gaza war had fuelled foreign interest in its procurement, including by South Korea.

Yaari said: “It is very worried not only about rockets, but other things as well; you can certainly include them in the club of interested countries.”
READ MORE: http://stratrisks.com/geostrat/20607?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=fe...

Tech background? Why wait for whistleblowers: hack it yourself with this handy guide

A DIY Guide for those without the patience to wait for whistleblowers
--[ 1 ]-- Introduction

I'm not writing this to brag about what an 31337 h4x0r I am and what m4d sk1llz
it took to 0wn Gamma. I'm writing this to demystify hacking, to show how simple
it is, and to hopefully inform and inspire you to go out and hack shit. If you
have no experience with programming or hacking, some of the text below might
look like a foreign language. Check the resources section at the end to help you
get started. And trust me, once you've learned the basics you'll realize this
really is easier than filing a FOIA request.

--[ 2 ]-- Staying Safe

This is illegal, so you'll need to take same basic precautions:

1) Make a hidden encrypted volume with Truecrypt 7.1a [0]

New leaker disclosing U.S. secrets, government concludes

The federal government has concluded there's a new leaker exposing national security documents in the aftermath of surveillance disclosures by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, U.S. officials tell CNN.

Proof of the newest leak comes from national security documents that formed the basis of a news story published Tuesday by the Intercept, the news site launched by Glenn Greenwald, who also published Snowden's leaks.
READ MORE: http://edition.cnn.com/2014/08/05/politics/u-s-new-leaker/index.html

Report: Ukrainian Fighter Jets Hid Behind Passenger Plane, Pulled Away and Dropped Bombs, and Then Hid Behind Plane Once Again

The Russian government claims Ukrainian fighter jets were flying very close to Malaysian Flight 17 when it was shot down. Others claim that Ukrainian fighter jets were escorting the Malaysian plane through Ukrainian airspace.

However, a Youtube video made a month before Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down alleges that Ukranian fighter jets were hiding behind passenger planes, pulling away temporarily, dropping bombs on Ukrainian separatists, and then hiding again behind the plane (minor corrections of spelling and punctuation):
READ MORE: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2014/07/report-ukranian-fighter-jets-hid-...

A Conversation With My 12 Year Old Self: 20th Anniversary Edition

This blog has been short on laughs for a while. I am sure some of the readers here will enjoy this one.

It gets funnier watching it again.

Edward Snowden Calls on Hackers to Help Whistleblowers Leak More Secrets

Edward Snowden made an impassioned call on Saturday for hackers and technologists to help would-be whistleblowers spill more government secrets.

Speaking via remote Google Hangouts video feed from Russia, Snowden addressed his comments to an audience at this weekend's Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE) conference at the Pennsylvania Hotel in New York.
READ MORE: http://mashable.com/2014/07/19/edward-snowden-hope-hacker-conference/

Weird Al Yankovic parodies Royals by Lorde

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