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7 shocking facts about Saudi Arabia under ‘modernizing’ reign of King Abdullah

The majority of eulogies went beyond the requirements of diplomatic etiquette, while some epithets used by Western politicians made people believe they had stepped through the looking glass. UK Prime Minister David Cameron said the monarch, who died at 90, “strengthened understanding between faiths,” while IMF chief Christine Lagarde called him “a strong advocate of women,” albeit a “discreet” one. And almost all political grandees seemed to agree that the scion of the House of Saud, was – in the words of Tony Blair – “a skillful modernizer,” who “led his country into the future.”
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Cop Rocking Out To Taylor Swift Exposed As Publicity Stunt

The Dover Police Department recently posted a video of a cop rocking out to Taylor Swift’s hit song “Shake It Off.”

The PD’s approval numbers went through the roof, and their Facebook likes are still soaring.

“While reviewing dashcam footage, we come across some interesting sights to say the least,” the department spokesperson said.

“We decided we would share some with you in a new web series called ‘Dash Cam Confessionals.’ We hope you enjoy this…and Taylor Swift, if you’re watching…we’re sorry.”

Watch the video below…

There’s only one small problem… The officer knew good and well that he was being recorded. We contacted the department, asking them why the officer would have been unaware that he was being recorded. The media relations representative did not respond.

Unfortunately, Your Childhood Cartoons Weren’t As Innocent As You Thought (Photos)

Squidward doesn’t wear pants because his penis is on his face. Let’s face it, everything that we thought about our childhood cartoons being innocent, clean fun is out the window.

These animators didn’t know it, but eventually, we’d all grow up to understand exactly what we were staring at on those TVs.

Whether we were watching an after-school episode of “SpongeBob SquarePants” or a commercial for an episode of “Care Bears,” all of these shows had some kind of inappropriate hidden agenda.
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Introducing Slur

Slur is an open source, decentralized and anonymous marketplace for the selling of secret information in exchange for bitcoin. Slur is written in C and operates over the Tor network with bitcoin transactions through libbitcoin. Both buyers and sellers are fully anonymous and there are no restrictions on the data that is auctioned. There is no charge to buy or sell on the Slur marketplace except in the case of a dispute, where a token sum is paid to volunteers.

Sellers encrypt, upload and then list their data on the digital market with the ease a user might list an item on eBay. They do so with full anonymity and there are no restrictions on the content of the data.

Exclusive bidders attempt to purchase the data for their own use and / or prevent other parties from acquiring a copy. Should an exclusive bidder win the auction they alone will receive the decryption keys. The same data cannot be auctioned a second time on the Slur marketplace.

Houseman who cleaned pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's sex toys and feared he would make him 'disappear' takes billionaire's secrets to the grave after he died just last week

As Prince Andrew tries to salvage his scandal-hit reputation in the 'sex slave' case - the man who knows all of his pedophile pal Jeffrey Epstein's secrets has died before he could tell all in an upcoming court battle. Alfredo Rodriguez, who was Epstein's houseman for many years, passed away last week after a six-month battle with cancer, his widow Patricia Dunn told DailyMail.com. 'Of course he knew all about Prince Andrew,' Dunn said on the doorstep of the home she shared with Alfredo in southwest Miami.

DailyMail.com revealed that Rodriguez kept a black book of Epstein's contacts — which he referred to as 'The Holy Grail.' or 'Golden Nugget.' The dozens of entries included contact details for A-list names including former President Bill Clinton, Mick Jagger, Donald Trump, Earl Spencer, Barbara Walters, Henry Kissinger and at least three members of the Kennedy clan.

Vice President Joe Biden's Bizarre, Creepy Interaction with Senator's Daughter Caught on Camera

He looks right at her when he says "see you back home I hope." At 1:55 he says "By the way, I just want you to know if one day you being 13 years old 'Absolutely Perfect'.. Talk to my Aide for god's sake... you're a beautiful one.. you're a beautiful girl"

The Royal Family Like to Fuck Children.

The mainstream media in conjunction with Police and other law enforcement agencies will try to convince you otherwise.

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