Strip The Destiny Church Cult of Their Tax Free Status

I saw and heard in person the delusional and morally corrupt and spiritually bankrupt ranting and raving of Brian Tamaki 15 years ago at a "Christian" conference in Christchurch. It took all of my limited strength to resist my hot headed urge to leap up during his "sermon" and call him out as the thieving cunt he is.

That was 15 years ago. The government has the power to strike his mind control cult off as a church and remove it's tax free exemption and they should. The IRD should be set on him like an attack dog to recover back taxes as well.

Praise Jesus, Someone Caught Christian Pastors Out Being Conniving Vote Rigging Fraudsters

Many years ago I caught a glimpse inside the inner workings of church leadership down in Christchurch NZ. I was literally gob-smacked at the time coming from a position of sitting in the pews Sundays in and out listening to my esteemed church leaders hammering scripture from the bible on right and wrong and God's way of doing things when I was able to sit in on a private meeting of multiple church leaders and witnessed first hand how they dealt with a person who decided to start his own church that they wanted to block.

Jesus Is My Friend

Some inspirational music for everyone in these dark times.

Church Sends Collection Notice to Congregation Members Who Did Not Pay Tithes

Most people who attend church are used to seeing the offering plate passed around the pews. People donate what they can as a proud member of the congregation.

But a Tampa woman told ABC Action News her church says she must pay more than $1,000 a year in donations or she wouldn't be considered a member.

"People were really friendly there, and I really enjoyed being there," said Candace Petterson.

Professor’s Manifesto: Vegans Must Illegally Overthrow Society to Save the World

A professor at the University of Texas at El Paso wrote a manifesto saying that animal-rights activists must rise up and commit “illegal raids” and “sabotage attacks” in order to save the world from a “mass extinction.” In a 2009 piece for the Animal Liberation Front titled “Manifesto for Radical Abolitionism: Total Liberation By Any Means Necessary,” associate professor of philosophy Steven Best says that groups like PETA are just not radical or progressive enough. After all, they work with corporations (boo!) “in order to regulate, not eliminate, the ongoing nonhuman animal holocaust.”

It is Time Christian Churches Paid Taxes

The multi billion dollar global church industry pays virtually no taxes. It is time that governments worldwide cracked down on the religion scam and made them pay their way in society.

Churches Can End Homelessness and Hunger In One Year, Instead Buy Jets:

Pastor Creflo Dollar Will Get His $65 Million Luxury Jet

You may have heard the story a few months ago about an Atlanta-based minister who claimed he needed a $65 million private jet so he could "safely and swiftly share the Good News of the Gospel worldwide." But almost as quickly as Pastor Creflo Dollar asked his 200,000 followers to each donate $300.00 towards the purchase of a luxurious jet, the campaign vanished and was removed from his website.

But now, the board of World Changers Church International -- which also operates as Creflo Dollar Ministries, has announced it is ready to purchase the plane.

"We plan to acquire a Gulfstream G650 because it is the best, and it is a reflection of the level of excellence at which this organization chooses to operate."

Should We Ask Muslims to Wear a Crucifix to Encourage Religious Understanding?

Council asks non-Muslim women to wear hijab to promote understanding: A local council has created controversy by asking non-Islamic women to wear hijabs in a 'social experiment' to increase awareness and education.

The City of Greater Dandenong Council in Victoria to wear the religious headdress for three hours today, as part of its plans to celebrate 'National Youth Week.' The event, which will also be filmed, has been designed to 'provide awareness, insight and education' for the community.

How Scientology controls John Travolta and Tom Cruise, according to ‘Going Clear’

HBO hired 160 lawyers when the network decided to air “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief,” the two-hour documentary based on Lawrence Wright’s book. This makes sense when you watch the film, directed by Alex Gibney, which aired Sunday night. Ex-Church of Scientology members and officials reveal secrets of the organization, and tell horror stories of psychological and physical abuse during their time in the controversial religion — and after they escaped. (For the record, the church unleashed a series of attack ads against the film and says that it’s “bigoted propaganda” and ” built on falsehoods invented by admitted liars.”)

Child abuse royal commission: Victim brands Jewish Yeshivah community 'rotten to core'

Yesterday, Rabbi Feldman, a leader within the Sydney Yeshivah community, said paedophiles should not be treated like "scum of the earth" and should not go to jail for historic cases of abuse if they had repented and received treatment.

He also stated publicity about child abuse encouraged "fake victims" who wanted to be "heroes" to come forward.

AVB said Rabbi Feldman's evidence proved nothing had changed at Yeshivah in the past 20 years and it was "rotten to its core".

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