The gay drug fuelled orgy at home of a secretary of one of Pope Francis's key advisers' is not a problem and should not be a big media story

Let gay men drug up and molest each other in peace I say, the fact that they are high up in the Vatican is even better because it sounds like no children were being raped at this party which is probably the most surprising part of the story.

Catholic priests and everyone involved with that religion should totally be encouraged to hit the coke and meth and have wild consensual adult gay orgies. It would very likely distract the clergy and their associates from raping little boys.

Some Irish tosser ranting about xtians

Anti-Trump Jewish Man Arrested For Spray-Painting Swastikas On Own Home

A Trump-hating Jewish man has been arrested in New York for allegedly spray-painting swastikas own his own home in a fake hate-crime.

54-year-old Andrew King of Schenectady, New York, who is Jewish, had publicly blamed Trump and his supporters for the graffiti.

Paedophile Infested Catholic Church Refusing to Co-operate With Commission Dedicated to Tackling Paedophile Infestation Within the Church

(Our current Prime Minister Bill English is a devout member of this global child raping organisation)
A prominent survivor of clerical sexual abuse has accused authorities within the Vatican of hiding behind a culture of silence and secrecy to avoid dealing with the issue.

Marie Collins has resigned from a special Vatican commission, created by Pope Francis, to tackle the issue of paedophilia within the church.

In a written statement she cited a refusal by senior men in the Vatican to cooperate with the commission as a key factor in her decision.

Swedish court approves of child marriage

A 14-year-old child bride from Syria came to Sweden and became pregnant with her husband, who is also her cousin. Now a Swedish court has approved of her marriage, because she appears "mature," and for religious and cultural reasons.

The girl was married off to a cousin when she was only twelve years old. In Sweden, she has been placed with his aunt and her family.

The social service authorities in Sweden thought her marriage is completely outrageous and took it to the justice system.

But the judge does not think there is anything wrong with it, since she was brought up with another religious and cultural perception of what is right and wrong.

Strip The Destiny Church Cult of Their Tax Free Status

I saw and heard in person the delusional and morally corrupt and spiritually bankrupt ranting and raving of Brian Tamaki 15 years ago at a "Christian" conference in Christchurch. It took all of my limited strength to resist my hot headed urge to leap up during his "sermon" and call him out as the thieving cunt he is.

That was 15 years ago. The government has the power to strike his mind control cult off as a church and remove it's tax free exemption and they should. The IRD should be set on him like an attack dog to recover back taxes as well.

Praise Jesus, Someone Caught Christian Pastors Out Being Conniving Vote Rigging Fraudsters

Many years ago I caught a glimpse inside the inner workings of church leadership down in Christchurch NZ. I was literally gob-smacked at the time coming from a position of sitting in the pews Sundays in and out listening to my esteemed church leaders hammering scripture from the bible on right and wrong and God's way of doing things when I was able to sit in on a private meeting of multiple church leaders and witnessed first hand how they dealt with a person who decided to start his own church that they wanted to block.

Jesus Is My Friend

Some inspirational music for everyone in these dark times.

Church Sends Collection Notice to Congregation Members Who Did Not Pay Tithes

Most people who attend church are used to seeing the offering plate passed around the pews. People donate what they can as a proud member of the congregation.

But a Tampa woman told ABC Action News her church says she must pay more than $1,000 a year in donations or she wouldn't be considered a member.

"People were really friendly there, and I really enjoyed being there," said Candace Petterson.

Professor’s Manifesto: Vegans Must Illegally Overthrow Society to Save the World

A professor at the University of Texas at El Paso wrote a manifesto saying that animal-rights activists must rise up and commit “illegal raids” and “sabotage attacks” in order to save the world from a “mass extinction.” In a 2009 piece for the Animal Liberation Front titled “Manifesto for Radical Abolitionism: Total Liberation By Any Means Necessary,” associate professor of philosophy Steven Best says that groups like PETA are just not radical or progressive enough. After all, they work with corporations (boo!) “in order to regulate, not eliminate, the ongoing nonhuman animal holocaust.”

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