Rachel Maddow's Trump Tax Return Expose' was Very Revealing

Rachel Maddow released a 12 year old tax return belonging to Trump today amid huge hype one year after the WSJ revealed it's details in an article.

In a spectacular "own goal" Maddow has highlighted that Trump pays his taxes and:

Trump paid a higher tax rate than MSNBC parent COMCAST.

He paid a much higher tax rate than Obama.

He paid more than Bernie Sanders and Romney.

It literally said "client copy" on the leaked document indicating that Trump himself leaked this to the idiot mainstream media and just trolled them in epically embarrassing fashion.

Can't Find Anything on Fake News Site NZ Herald About Massive CIA Leak Yet

Could that have anything to do with their ties to the CIA through their Amazon/Washington Post deal? The NZ Herald is literally a mouthpiece for the CIA. Will anyone here be asking the tough questions about any of this?

Washington Post: Fake News Partner With The CIA

Let’s frame the situation in simple terms. You work for a company that has a very lucrative partnership with a big-time money man. That money man gives you a piece of information and tells you it’s important.

What you do every day is spread information. That’s how you earn your living.

Are you going to take that piece of info from the money man and spread it, or are you going to question it and research it and shoot back hard-edged questions to the money man?
READ MORE: http://www.activistpost.com/2017/02/washington-post-fake-news-partner-ci...

James O'Keaffe releases Part I of his CNN Leaks. Over 200 hours of audio recorded at CNN's Atlanta headquarters in 2009

119 Hours of Raw Audio From Inside CNN

Project Veritas was given over 200 hours of audio from an anonymous source earlier this month. This secretly recorded audio was obtained at CNN’s Atlanta headquarters in 2009.
MORE: http://projectveritas.com/2017/02/21/cnnleaks-part-i/

TORRENT FILE: http://www.mediafire.com/file/t33pl5pp8hrbwxw/CNNLEAKSPART1.torrent

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