Drunken NZ Politics update

This election year has been totally fucked up by the craziest shit and the psychopathic cunts in the National Party have been doing themselves no favors in the last week with their dirty politics smear shit composed of lies which unfortunately for them the public saw right through about numbers and economics. Holy hell!

We had that pale egg shaped dude who looks like he would rape your daughter if he was the babysitter guy Steven Joyce come out and fart diarrhea all over the media about wrong numbers which since turned out to be a big load of runny shit from an egg shaped dude and it is going wrong.

Next we got Bill English telling everyone he would end child poverty on April fools day next year.

Following all of that the National govt today announced they are going after the poor people on drugs and benefits.

Kiss my ass and lick my balls. I can't wait to see how this shit all plays out.