RE: Mike Hosking hosting tonights election debate between Bill English and Jacinda Ardern

Plenty of curfuffle about this on social media and mainstream media in the past few weeks. A near 80,000 strong petition was delivered to TVNZ yesterday demanding Hosking be dumped as debate moderator in the interests of fairness and balance.

It's no secret that Mike Hosking is a shallow, biased, greedy and materialistic little cunt of an excuse for a man and that he is way out of touch with reality as the average New Zealander perceives it. However, should we not, as independent thinking and acting individuals be able to see through such a transparent creature like Hosking and focus only on the performance of the 2 people in the debate? I would hope so.

There is also a strong argument for the result of this coming election meaning jack shit for the people of the country anyway. The New World Order will press forward no matter which monkey wears the crown is the going argument in some circles and I can't really disagree. I do hate the psychopathic cunts in the National Party with deep passion however and I believe firmly they should be rolled out of government regardless. I will be watching tonights debate.