Bootcamp for delinquents

Following the incandescent rise of Jacinda Ardern to the top of the Labour Party, the National Party, obviously ruffled by the obscene amount of media time a non criminal, non member of the National Party has been receiving since then has released what they hope is surely a vote hoovering election winning policy of "Boot Camps" for juvenile delinquents.

Nine years into their run as government they have decided that the iron fist needs to come down on naughty adolescents and their negligent parents, so they are going to send them to the Army and slam the parents of these little monsters with fines.

The champagne swilling tax avoiding class will be spoofing their silk adult nappies at the sound of this policy. For a decade now widening inequality and the destruction of the social safety net has been creating unrest amongst the peasants, the youth are rebelling and the streets are littered with beggars. Clearly it is time to send in the Army, and National is the only political party offering a truly brutal approach to solving this problem.

Much like when the current government introduced welfare reforms that bullied and psychologically terrorised the poor, weak, mentally ill and vulnerable which resulted in WINZ staff being shot at work, resulting in the government ramping up social welfare spending for security guards on the door of every WINZ office in the country, the government again has a strap-on solution to the problems they have created.

It is exactly this type of knee-jerk policy announcement that I hope to see more of from team Bill and the stability crew currently running the shit show called New Zealand. Vote National, Boot Camps for kids who don't conform, fines for parents who didn't program their children properly, tax cuts and more welfare reform.

Watching neo-libs staggering backwards and flailing like this is high quality political porn.