It's a shame Metiria Turei resigned

It pretty obviously had to happen. Her brutal honesty about her time on welfare decades ago backfired enormously and the right leaning mainstream media saw the opportunity to pour petrol on the fire she lit and stoked an inferno.

I met her about 10 years ago at one of the openUReyes film nights at the Southern Cross Garden Bar. We invited her as a guest speaker and she turned up, luggage in hand straight after landing at Wellington airport on a Monday evening. She spotted me lingering at the back of the crowd and picked me as an organiser immediately and we sat and chatted quietly while the film played. She hit me then as the real deal, a real person, not an actor and she stood up at the end of the film and spoke to the audience with relaxed authority and knowledge on the subject from a Kiwi political position.

Over all her years in parliament she came across to me as a really effective member of the opposition. She stood right up for what she believed in. We won't ever get to see what she is capable of in government now and I think New Zealand has lost something of value in all of this mess because of her resignation.

That said I do not and did not agree with her or her former party on everything she and they represent.

I hope we have not heard the last from Metiria as all of this simmers down. She very clearly is driven to stand up for the underdog, the poor and disadvantaged. In the current political climate in this country that is a brave stance to have taken. I hope that climate changes (no pun intended) and the things Metiria fought for like equality come to fruition. She wont be leading from the front in parliament, but that is no reason for her to disappear entirely and be forgotten.

I wish you the best Metiria. See you soon, somewhere, standing up for someone who needs the help.