BULLSHIT: F-35 jet

The lying c*nts at Lockhead Martin have been spinning the bullshit story for a few years that TRILLIONS of dollars are going into developing a jet plane, and shit has gone a bit wrong with this jet plane and dollars (TRILLIONS) have to be continuously flooded down a black hole to make the jet plane work.

It is all bullshit. The F-35 jet is a cover story to explain away a massive funneling of incomprehensible amounts of money into something else. Where is the money really going? Black Budget projects, Secret Space projects, the truth would blow the minds of the average person and knock others sideways. There have been whistleblowers over the last few decades who have shone a beam or 2 of light on this stuff. All of them subjected to intense ridicule.

One of my favorite whistle blowers of all time however is Bob Lazar.
WATCH MORE: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=bob+lazar