The Truth About NASA's Big Disclosure Today in the World News

By Jay Barnett: After the unsurprising disclosure today I felt it pertinent to give the other side to this story. The real reason for this flowing water disclosure has nothing to do with discovering moving water on Mars, because space agencies have known about this for more than a decade.

Other space agencies have been releasing photos and even NASA itself has evidence in its own photos released in the last couple of decades which clearly show vegetation on Mars. What is interesting is what they are not telling us. Like for example why have NASA only released low resolution black and white photos in recent years when the technology has been around to photograph in high resolution and full color via their space probes even before landing any mars rovers on the surface?

Also as you will see in the photos below the color pics they have released have been doctored to make it look like mars is more red than it actually is. In fact when adjustments are made to their obviously doctored photos it becomes clear that the sky on mars is actually very slightly blue and their is a weak oxygen atmosphere. Have a look through some of these pics and it will become clear that vegetation, bushes, trees (see the shadows) and other forms of moss or lichen appear to be showing up in these pics. There are a few rare color pics released on the internet also that show green vegetation. So why are they now releasing this info about water on Mars?

Myself and many other researchers believe it is because they are drip feeding and preparing us for a much bigger reveal to happen at some point within the next year which will culminate in basically saying that intelligent life is not only within this solar system but that we are been visited by other races from elsewhere. This is what many whistleblowers have been saying for over 20 years now.

So because NASA is part of a control structure on earth that manages information, they want to sell us their version of the truth so that when the time is right for them, they will then release on the world media like CNN, nightly tv news and Time Magazine etc, that there are beings here now who have made contact and they are our friends and the "good guys" here to help us and give us cures for cancer, free energy technologies and so on. But the truth will be that we have already had these technologies and cures for decades and the same people who will present these space brothers to us are the same group who have been violently and ruthlessly suppressing and stopping us from having access to these cures and technologies all along.

As long as they control the corporate media then they can play this card and fool quite a large percentage of the population who have been conditioned to believe that something is a conspiracy or cant be true if its not presented on the world stage and in offical publications like Time Magazine, science digests and CNN. Sadly the opposite is true. These official information outlets are the voice of a corporate criminal group of wealthy industrialists who have been controlling oil and energy and public knowledge since the beginning of the internal combustion engine and before that.

We need to wake up and look beyond the corporate controlled media to find the truth. It takes discernment and an open mind. But all the evidence is available on the internet. There are not only structures airbrushed (rather crudely) out of moon photos from NASA but also structures on Mars which have been found in various satelite photos of mars.
Dont you find it strange that the original videos from the moon taken by appolo 11 have been lost by NASA? And that modern day digital technology could have proven conclusively whether their footage was real, but conveniently they lost the original tapes?

There are dozens of stories like this of NASA faking or hiding information that doesnt fit with the offical story of the moon and Mars. I reckon we did go to the moon. But I reckon we didnt do it in the flimsy saturn rockets and the ridiculously poorly built lunar module. I feel all that footage was faked. And the evidence to prove this is overwhelming.

It is alleged that Stanley Kubrick was recruited by NASA to fake the moon landing tapes and he told the world when he directed "The shining" Stephen King movie that was nothing like the original book and allegedly tells how Kubric faked the moon landings for NASA and was given an unlimited budget in return to film 2001. Watch on youtube the film "Kubrick's Odyssey" to see the evidence yourself. I feel we went to the moon is saucer type craft that were designed by Hitlers war machine at the end of the WW2 and then perfected by the US army using rocket scientists they brought to the states in project paperclip after the war.

NASA means Never A Straight Answer.
Truth is stranger than Fiction!