Slippery Corrupt Liar Prime Minister John Key Does it Again

The mostly ignorant, fearful and dumbed down public of New Zealand have probably long forgotten the fiasco last year during the election campaign over a letter written by then leader of the Labour Party David Cunliffe in support of violent Chinese businessman Donghua Liu's immigration application. At the time David Cunliffe said he did not remember ever having written such a letter, it turned out that he actually had, 11 years before. He could have been forgiven for not remembering a specific letter written over a decade earlier amongst the many thousands of letters he must have written since then but the mainstream media decided to latch onto the non story like a pit-bull with rabies and wouldn't let go for a week.

John Armstrong of the NZ Herald proclaimed:
"David Cunliffe is in deep political trouble. So deep that his resignation as Labour's leader may now be very much in order.

It now emerges that - contrary to the point-blank denials that Cunliffe gave to a press conference only yesterday - that he did assist controversial businessman Donghua Liu in the latter's application for New Zealand residency"

What followed was a chorus of condemnation and screeching from the corrupt National government and their servants in the media for the head of David Cunliffe on a platter.

As part of the organised mainstream media smear campaign against David Cunliffe and the Labour Party on behalf of the corrupt liar, Prime Minister John Key and his gang of thugs, another story involving Donghua Liu was fabricated by the media involving a $15,000 imaginary book and an imaginary $100,000 bottle of wine and hundreds of thousands of other dollars in donations to the Labour Party, all of which was another bogus crock of lies which again was spewed throughout the corrupt media for weeks all over the unsuspecting and easily manipulated public.

The last election was a stunning example of an election rigged by the media who went to extraordinary lengths to destroy the Labour Party and David Cunfliffe.

There were casualties on both sides however as a member of the corrupt National Party namely Maurice Williamson was forced to resign because he had interfered in a Police investigation of Donghua Liu.

It has now been revealed that it was actually the National Party that was accepting donations from Liu who in 2013 donated $25,000 after Prime Minister John Key had a private dinner with him - at the Liu's home. David Cunliffe has labelled the afair “dodgy”
“Dodgy because the Prime Minister was involved, dodgy because a member took $25,000 from Donghua Liu and dodgy because National were trying to frame Labour up while they were on the take."

When asked last year about John Keys meetings with Liu a spokeswoman for Mr Key stated:
"As Prime Minister and the leader of the National Party, Mr Key attends a number of functions up and down the country which are attended by a large number of people. While we don't have a record of who attends these events, Mr Key recalls seeing Mr Liu at various functions, including a dinner as part of a National Party fundraiser."

3 news ran a funny clip showing John Key slithering around questions and contradicting his own staff:

Of course it is far too late now for the public to be learning about the National Party and John Key's very cosy relationship with Donghua Liu. The damage was all done last year when the media and the corrupt National Party smeared David Cunliffe and the Labour Party into near destruction during the election campaign about their non involvement with Liu among the other constant daily attacks against David Cunliffe at the time. It will be filed away as another sorry chapter in the history of New Zealands most corrupt and dishonest government and Prime Minister ever.

Perhaps the public of NZ will wake up to the corruption and filth in our current government and they will see how the wool was pulled over their eyes fooling them into thinking John Key is a really nice guy with the best interests of the country as his main motivation before the next election. The comedown and hangover from John Key and the government he has lead for the last 6 years with 3 years to go will be severe. It will take at least a decade for us to recover from the mountain of debt that former money man Key has buried us under.

Until then, John Key will continue to lie again and again whenever he is cornered on his corrupt ways and dishonesty and the media will likely continue to assist him and the National Party as they continue their 'war on the poor', corporate welfare and destruction of our sovereignty.