Corrupt NZ Government Bans Cosmic Corner From Selling Nicotine E-Juice for E-Cigarettes From This Friday

It will be back to smoking poisonous tobacco products for many in New Zealand from this Friday as the National Government lead by corrupt liar John Key cracks down on the sale of nicotine e-juice by Cosmic Corner stores, used in e-cigarettes.

This is not really a surprise given that the corrupt National Government has a couple of "former" tobacco company lobbyists in it's ranks: National picks another tobacco man

Tobacco sales globally have taken a huge knock as the popularity of e-cigarettes has surged. Many cigarette smokers in New Zealand have made the switch in an effort to quit tobacco for good to avoid the 4000 plus chemicals contained in tobacco smoke that aren't in the vapour produced by e-cigarrettes.

The corrupt NZ Government no doubt has been greatly concerned by this as the tax take from tobacco sales drops while former smokers continue to get their nicotine fix in a safer way.

A recent study done on 6,000 smokers, over five years, reveals some really good news for smokers. The unprecedented findings suggest that e-cigarettes could play an important role in cutting tobacco-related deaths and illnesses. Since cardiovascular disease is the world's number one killer, wouldn't it be a "breath of fresh air" to know that there's hope for smokers who switch to electronic cigarettes?

E-cigs may not have been invented as stop-smoking aids, but 60% of the time, they work!

People using e-cigarrettes for smoking cessation are threatening pharmaceutical corporation profits from sales of less effective quitting aids such as nicotine gum and patches.

At present it is still legal for New Zealanders to purchase nicotine e-liquids online from overseas vendors, although with our current corrupt government in power this may be stopped in the near future as well forcing many nicotine addicts back onto deadly tobacco or ineffective alternatives like nicotine patches and chewing gum.