Ozone Therapy, An Introduction


Mr. Oxygen(R), Ed McCabe (C), at the FTL New Life Expo. Bestselling author interviewed thousands. He explains the REAL cause of most all disease, and how Nature's energetic forms of natural oxygen and ozone were designed to solve the problem.

Why oxygen therapy and ozone therapy and oxygen supplements like OxyLift(r), OxyFlush(R) & OxyEarth(R) work so well is also explained. Because there are so many of us, all our pollution surrounds us, and taints our food, water, and air. So sludge collects inside us. Our bodies have been filling with toxic pollutants daily, over the length of our whole lives. Mr. Oxygen explains how our bodies have to be supplemented with oxygen, plant minerals, & water, to get enough of them inside us so our bodies can get clean again and have healthy immune systems - long before disease sets in. It is also never too late, as the body can do miracles when supplied with what it needs. Our bodies naturally use oxygen to clean the cellular sludge that creates disease conditions, & also to remove the invading primitive anaerobic bacteria, viruses, fungi, and cancer cells.

Methods commonly used worldwide by international MDs for over 50 years, but "strangely" not taught in US med schools! Could someone BIG be protecting drug profits? You decide. 500+ cites & articles and free oxy-newsletter at www.oxygenhealth.com. Do yourself and your friends and family a favor by learning these little known extremely important facts!