As Predicted, Government to Ram Through Urgent New Terrorism Laws by Christmas

According to corrupt liar Prime Minister John Key, the threat of terrorism in New Zealand is now so bad we need to urgently ramp up the laws surrounding it because it is not currently illegal enough to be a terrorist and the current levels of mass surveillance are not intrusive enough. The John Key led National government has an addiction to ramming legislation through parliament under urgency and has an obvious dislike of freedom and civil liberties. Part of the proposed changes includes detaining people with terrorist links on the grounds they may commit crimes.

This is no surprise given John Key's very close relationship with the worlds largest and most dangerous terrorist organisation, the US government. Prior to the last general election there was no mention of sweeping changes to anti terrorism legislation and surveillance and an urgent need to join Americas illegal wars in the Middle East, but no time has been wasted since the corrupt National government has been voted back into power in launching new attacks on our civil liberties under the guise of protecting us from manufactured terror threats, and the beating of the war drums.

Never mind the rocky ground the economy is standing on, poverty, unemployment and the skyrocketing inequality between the rich and the poor.

New Zealand is being led down an extremely dangerous path by this utter creep John Key and this 3rd term fascist National government is only just starting out on it's plans for the next 3 years. It may be best if we all just lay down and sleep through the next few years rather than watch our country get completely fucked by an ex banker globalist PM and his crony capitalist gang of psychopathic thugs.

Stay chill New Zealand. You voted for this.