You Should Buy and Own a Colloidal Silver Generator

With the threat of a global Ebola pandemic looming I have a few suggestions for how you can give yourself an extra layer or two of protection in the event that a pandemic breaks out around you.

I have 2 main recommendations to make that could be the difference between becoming sick and dead or staying well and surviving an uncontrolled outbreak.

Firstly you should own a 9v battery powered colloidal silver generator. This will allow you to make your own silver colloid solution extremely cheaply using just distilled water and 99.999% pure silver wire. This will give you the ability to make bulk virus/bacteria killing colloidal silver anywhere even if the power grid has gone down

Ten ways to use colloidal silver's amazing healing abilities:

I purchased my own colloidal silver generator back in 2005 from which is a New Zealand based company. It is still working fine. I have no affilliation with that company

I recommend this kit now Colloidal Silver Kit
Colloidal Silver Kit

Orgonise Africa is an excellent company who build quality devices that myself and friends have tested and use. They ship worldwide and are prompt and trustworthy. We are an affiliate of this company, so any purchase you make through this link also supports this website.

Contrary to what they say about water I strongly recommend you use ONLY PURE DISTILLED WATER to make colloidal silver, never spring or filtered water as the silver particles will be large and visible in the water. Distilled water makes an ultra fine colloidal silver that can only be seen in the water by shining an LED light beam or low powered lazer beam through the water.

The other device I strongly recommend you consider owning is a quality water ozonator.

I have owned one of these Nature Kleen units for 9 years. It is still running strong and is one of the best purchases I have ever made. A water ozonator has many practical uses in everyday life. Drinking ozonated water floods your body safely with ozone and can assist the immune system greatly in fighting infection. The device can also purify water, dissolve pesticides and fungicide residues from produce and kill mold and purify the air in a room of things like smoke odour.

I purchased my unit from this company:
This website has no affiliation with Tools For Wellness. Several companies are selling that specific unit online. 10/10 recommended by me!

Why Drink Ozonated Water:

The Nature Kleen unit can be safely operated in a ventilated room and will fully ozonate/ozonize a pint of iced water in about half an hour.

I encourage you to do your own research on these devices. There are websites stating that colloidal silver is dangerous and will turn your skin blue. I have been using it for 15 years without negative side effects. When made and used correctly it is perfectly safe. DO YOUR RESEARCH.