Police to Return Cannabis Vending Machine to Cannabis Club, Judge Throws Out Police Evidence From Court, Calls Them Reckless and Ruled They Were Trespassing During Raid

Dakta Green: Police have confirmed The Vending Machine is being returned to us. Over two and half years ago West Auckland Police raided the Daktory without bothering with one of those pesky things called a search warrant. On 22 March 2012 people were arrested and charged with serious offences.

Stuff was confiscated including the world famous cannabis vending machine.

This week a Judge has ruled Police were likely to have been 'substantially reckless' when they 'trespassed' at The Daktory that night. The Judge, a former Police officer and Barrister ended his sixteen page Judgement as follows,

[58] I find the police entry into The Daktory was a trespass; as a result they were inside the club unlawfully. Accordingly, I rule that the evidence obtained from the search of 80 Delta Avenue, New Lynn on 22 March 2012 is inadmissible at trial.

K J Glubb
District Court Judge