Surely John Key's Political Career is Over Courtesy of Kim Dotcom's Moment of Truth

John Key promised to resign if New Zealand was being subjected to mass surveillance under his governance. We now know for sure that the country is under total surveillance. John Key repeatedly lied to us about this.

Thank's to Edward Snowden personally entering the discussion today by submitting an article he wrote via the Intercept website and appearing live via a Skype live encrypted video calling feature on tonight at Aucklands town hall, we know that our Prime Minister has been lying to the whole country about mass surveillance PERIOD!

Interestingly Snowden has also revealed that there is a secret NSA office located in Auckland.

The mainstream media of New Zealand has an absolute duty to hound our soon to be ex scumbag PM until he quits the job. He is done. He is a bare faced fucking liar and he needs to fuck off back to America. You aren't wanted here anymore John, you lying scumbag piece of shit.