Oprah’s Own Journalist Debunks Oprah’s Show on MDMA

The brain scan of heavy Ecstasy user Lynn Smith on a 2001 Oprah Winfrey Show sent shockwaves of horror into the living rooms of fearful parents worldwide. The scan showed what appeared to be swiss cheese-like holes in the grey matter of Smith’s brain which a nuclear radiologist said were caused by the drug. What the radiologist (and Oprah to this day) failed to mention was that all the hype was a hoax. The images merely depicted normal cerebral blood flow.

The negative propaganda campaign against MDMA is costing lives. 22 veterans a day commit suicide in the U.S. alone, often because they can no longer stand the horrific symptoms of PTSD. MDMA is a miracle cure for PTSD. MDMA is 83% effective in eradicating treatment-resistant PTSD when combined with psychotherapy. Compare that to a mere 25% cure rate with psychotherapy alone.
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