Petition: Ban Non Smokers From Central Wellington Parks

We demand that Wellington City Council move immediately to ban non smokers from all central city parks and create special non smoking areas for these people to sit away from people who choose to smoke. We acknowledge that non smokers are a scourge on society with their constant whinging and demands to strip other people of their rights and freedoms. Non smokers seek to violate the choices and freedoms others with unreasonable and controling rules and bylaws with no regard for the rights and freedom of choice of other people to smoke outdoors.

We acknowledge that anyone who seeks to strip other people of their rights and freedoms just because those people are a minority who choose to live life a little differently from others are a threat to our wider community and need to be stopped from attacking minorities through laws and regulations before we end up being completely controlled by self rightous do gooder idiots with no regard for people who choose to live differently from them.