Hamilton City Water Fluoridation, Lies, Coverups and U-Turns

Puzzling occurrences and events with regard to the fluoridation debate in Hamilton have otherwise become common. One such puzzling event was the reversal of poll results. In December 2013, New Zealand’s Waikato Times was caught out reversing its online survey results about the Hamilton City Council’s previous decision, which then was to defer its fluoridation decision.

The poll asked people if they supported the council’s decision to wait until the after the legal challenge which was then before the High Court. 68% of people said “yes” and only 32% said “no” but the Waikato Times misrepresented this as 68% saying “no” and 32% saying “yes”. When awake residents posted comments on the newspaper’s Facebook page to draw attention to the flaw, the comments were systematically deleted.
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