NZ Psychoactive Substances Law Has Failed

In July 2013 the Psychoactive Substances Act 2013 became law in New Zealand. The Act regulates the importation, manufacture and supply of psychoactive substances, which are the active ingredients in party pills, energy pills and herbal highs. The purpose of the Act is to help protect the health and minimise harm to individuals using psychoactive products.

You can now buy so called synthetic cannabis and party pills from many different shops in every town and city across the country, while drugs such as cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms remain illegal. The laws stated purpose of reducing harm appears now to be a complete failure, with annecdotal evidence and reports surfacing from hospital emergency departments and other sources such as talk-back radio, of many adverse reactions to these synthetic cannabis products and "party pills"

It seems farcicle to myself and many others that you can legally buy these very powerful and obviously dangerous drugs legally at the local tobacconist shop but if you are caught with the natural and comparatively safe genuine cannabis plant or other naturally occuring entheogens you will be arrested, charged and fined or jailed. Now it is reported that drug and alcohol counsellors are recommending that their clients cease using synthetic cannabis products immediately and go back to smoking real cannabis to keep themselves from harm.
Counsellors tell legal high users to smoke real thing:

This is the same advice I have been giving to my friends who have become victims of synthetic cannabis use, I have seen several people become badly affected by these dangerous products with symptoms of blackouts/seizures and sky rocketing blood pressure resulting in emergency calls for an ambulance. My own experience with brief experimentation with these products resulted in severe panic attacks and anxiety and very uncomfortable feelings of dissociation from the world around me unlike any experience I have had using natural cannabis or even psilocybin mushrooms.

Add to this the fact that local goverments are now moving to over-ride the law by introducing their own local by-laws to restrict where these dangerous products can be sold in a commendable effort to squeeze suppliers out of business... Council restricts legal highs in Hamilton:

Across the world governments are legalising drugs such as cannabis which has a history of thousands of years of use by people medicinally and recreationally without hospitals being filled with damaged users of the drug.
The government of New Zealand needs to wipe out these new and dangerous drugs with no long history of use behind them and rewrite the Psychoactive Substances Act to legalise naturally occuring drugs with long histories of relatively safe use such as cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms to ACTUALLY ACHIEVE the stated aim of the law which is to "help protect the health and minimise harm to individuals using psychoactive products"
Here is what Peter Dunne, architect of this failed law had to say recently:

If you would like to learn more about safer drugs such as cannabis and psilocybin you should watch the trailer to Neurons to Nirvana and watch the entire film sometime...