URGENT Personal Letter from Jonathan Eisen, Editor of Uncensored

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Two years ago I hadn't even heard of Ian R Crane, but a friend was sponsoring him to give a lecture tour of New Zealand and asked me if I would be the formal host at his Auckland lecture.

What I learned of him from watching some of his interviews and lectures on YouTube, including some brilliant performances on RT (Russia Today television) led me to realize that I would be meeting one of the great minds (and hearts) of our time.

And what a lecture it was.

He talked for about 8 hours, with a short break for a meal, and left the audience spell bound, imploring him for more. It was, as they say, an all encompassing afternoon and evening. He was a master weaver, putting together the disparate strands of history, "deep" politics, and the new awakening that we are all riding these days, like it or not.

Eight hour lectures were not unusual for Ian. In fact they are the norm, regardless of whether or not he's speaking to a packed house or 8 people, as he did one day in the South Island.

Afterward, I gave him a couple of copies of Uncensored, and asked him to get in touch if he wanted to publish the magazine in the UK.

He did, and has been doing so for the past two years, writing a regular column and reaching an audience who appreciates reading a magazine that tells the truth about things, for a change.

For many years, until his epiphany in 1997, he had been an oil company executive. So he knew the industry from the inside out, and he knew that he had to stop this evil practice before it ruined the ground water in the UK, for all time.

And together with the thousands of people he and others have inspired and galvanized to action, he has been succeeding! Fracking has, at least for now, been stopped dead in its tracks.

In the last year or so, Ian has devoted himself to stopping fracking in the UK. Here are some of his YouTubes. As you will soon see, Ian has been tireless, literally devoting all of his time to stopping this nightmare-in-progress.


In addition he has been working to stop the war in Syria and the larger war that has been on the cards for many years, instigated by the same people who have been bringing misery to the people of the Middle East.

And so far, he and the thousands of people he has been working with, have succeeded in stopping World War Three, before it happens. These YouTubes will give you a clearer picture:


The world owes Ian R Crane. Big. He has given his every waking moment to stop the corporate and political psychopaths from destroying the planet.

But now, it is time to give something to him in return.

Ian has effectively been financing a decade of raising awareness from his own financial reserves but Ian is now facing eviction from his home, having put his own needs behind the pressing needs of the planet, and his finances are dire.

Which is why I am writing this to you now.

He is reluctant in the extreme to ask for help, but I have persuaded him to write and publish a fortnightly newsletter to send to people who subscribe for a very nominal fee of only $5 a week, less than two cups of coffee.

This will get you some of the wisdom and insights of a man who some have correctly called one of the most insightful political analysts of our time.

How to Subscribe:

Via the PayPal donation boxes on either www.ianRcrane.com or www.frackingnightmare.com
Credit/Debit Card donation and Bank Transfer– Call Ian directly on one of the following:
UK Tel: +44 (0)207 558 8869
UK Mob: +44 (0)779 151 8740

USA: (281) 899 0207

NZ: 09 889 9075 Skype: ianrcrane1