I Withdrew 15 Million And Got Kidnapped By Cops! Kiri Campbell

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This mother of 8 who figured out that banks create money from your signature out of thin air, so decided to go about exposing the system for what it is, by using legal documents to make a 15 million dollar withdrawal!

What if one day you were told that everything you were told about the legal system was a total lie? That it's not about justice, it's about money, banking, debt slavery, intimidation, violence, deception, legalese word magic & various other forms of scumbaggery.
She was kidnapped by police, the station was shut down not letting anyone in or out, assaulted in the cells, 3 cops tried to dislocate her shoulder, break her wrist & fingers, they were not successful.

Now with $1.3million owed to her through the violation of contract, things will get pretty interesting!
Guess where she learned of this information that set her off on a journey to expose the truth?

FROM FACEBOOK: Kiri Campbell
With October 3rd not that far away, this is a shout out to ALL Assembled owners, Rules Committee, Sovereigns, Personal Representatives, Agents, Family, friends and everyone who can, to attend the biggest stand against the corrupt who refuse to honor the oath and the very mandate that swears them in to office.

They refuse to honor the contracts, and claim a law unto themselves. If it's a fight they want, then lets meet them at the battle point. Otherwise, let's stand united and let them know we are NOT alone we ARE and have assembled as ONE. If you have a camera, video or any recording device, bring it with you, we want the world to be apart of this. (((OUR TIME TO SHINE)))
New plymouth District Court House October 3rd 2013. DONT MISS THIS EVENT..once we are finished dealing with the big bullies we will direct our attention to the BANKS to honor their contracts or face liquidation.

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