Watching The Drunken Train Wreck Tonight On Facebook That Is The Pakeha Party, Is Quite Entertaining.

A few weeks ago a Facebook page was started for a new political party in New Zealand calling itself the Pakeha Party. It instantly went viral and gained a solid amount of media coverage and even started an official website for people to join and pay fees to have the party properly registered.

This evening however things appear to have gone way of the rails on their Facebook page with the founder David Ruck embarking on a night of drunken raving which has been hilarious to watch, especially for the anger and disappointment being expressed by followers of the page at the obvious destruction of credibility.

The page now appears to be losing followers rapidly. Dear old David will have one hell of a hangover this afternoon.

Here is a small selection of comments from this evenings public meltdown:

Erik ****** Starting to think admin has been hacked or this party has gone to your head. I hope you read my comment I posted on your page because I am starting to become disappointed in what was a good idea turn to a dream fading fast.
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Rene ****** if it hasn't been hacked, my god.... there is no excuse for the bullshit he is now posting.
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I sincerely hope it has been hacked for the parties sake

Say NO to the Pakeha Party: He hasnt been hacked, he did this last weekend when his opportunity as a kiwi came in to drink booze. He is a joke, do not support him, please. We are one as a people and he is taking the fight the opposite direction that is needed.

The Pakeha Party: ya'll - I just recently realised - I AM 100% Pakeha and I'm possibly the first guy ever to declare my heritage as 100% Pakeha!
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The Pakeha Party: I AM 100% PAKEHA!
Like · 23 minutes ago

The Pakeha Party: I'm a PAKEHA!
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Grant **** WOW !!! BAHAHAHA
Like · 2 · 8 minutes ago

Grant **** Are you sure ? lol
Like · 1 · 7 minutes ago

Caspian ****** You have pretty much ruined what ever credibility you had by going on this page while you are drunk
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Caspian ****** Are you wasted?
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The Pakeha Party: r u?
Like · 39 minutes ago

The Pakeha Party: I'm a PAKEHA
Like · 39 minutes ago

The Pakeha Party: and PROUD!!!
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Steve**** you've ruined it now ae....
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Ben ***** Well there goes all your genuine supporters. Maybe think before going on your drunken rants mate

James ****** Like this comment if you agree that he should cancel this page, and finish it for once and for all.
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James ***** Phoenix, he stole thousands of $$$$$$ of people and is drinking it up. That is fraud.
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The Pakeha Party: yea yea yea good C&^$!
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Corey ******** You blew it.
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Roseanne ****** stop posting ffs, unliked!
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Tim ***** Let's talk about this calmly now. What drugs are you on and/or how much beer/wine/bourbon/meths have you had to drink? AND - do you have any spare as we would all love to come over to your place near Auckland and share.
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Conan ******** Ye blew it bro. This is just sad now.... i think we need to all unlike and post this to the news places the ran this story when it broke so they can make a big spread about how the Pakeha party killed itself
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Rod ***** did you really think this would turn into a political party? have no idea how hard it is to make a political party when you have a meth habit
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Andrew ***** yeah ay its like 33 paying members for a point these days!
Like · 2 · 9 hours ago

Conan ******* HAHAH Andrew comment of the night 10/10
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Evelyn ****** Smith 100% nutjob
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Danie **** Have you been hacked? This is just moronic stuff.
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Martin ******* not hacked... cracked!
Unlike · 1 · 9 minutes ago

Emma ****** R u drunken facebooking?
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Dskal ****** peace out homies !!
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Westfuknside Czfuknup: bLACC POWER MOTHER FUKR YO FUK YO
Unlike · Reply · 1 · 17 minutes ago via mobile

And it pretty much goes on and on and on like that. What will be interesting is what the reaction will be from all those poor people who actually donated money to this guy only for him to use that money to get publicly wasted. LOL!

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