Petty drug users fill New Zealand jails

The current New Zealand Government has been privatising the prison system. It stands to reason that the government will, and is ignoring the science and advice from all the top drug policy advisers with regards to drug users and locking them up instead of treating the issue as a matter of health as opposed to one of criminality. It is terrible business sense to negatively affect the profit machine of the criminal justice system by decriminalising drug use based solely on good science and succesful drug policy of other countries around the world.

STUFF.CO.NZ: Petty drug users fill New Zealand jails
Hundreds of people are locked up for petty drug offences every year - many for crimes our top legal body says should not exist.

Justice Ministry figures show a significant amount of court time is taken up by minor drug cases, with nearly as many people imprisoned for possessing a small quantity of cannabis as for dealing. Among these offenders are hundreds imprisoned for possessing a pipe or a needle, an offence the Law Commission recommended legalising last year.

The figures also show fewer than one in three minor drug offenders is offered diversion, allowing them to avoid a criminal record. The New Zealand Drug Foundation said the figures were alarming and showed the court-focused treatment of minor offenders was not working.