Head Of Jewish Defence League UK Supports Anders Breivik, Says Victims 'Not Innocent'

Roberta Moore, who was intimately connected to the anti-Muslim English Defence League (EDL) and continues to run their Jewish Division's Facebook page, has expressed her support for Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik - and described his teenage victims as being "not innocent".

In a post made on April 17th to the Jewish Defence League UK Blogger site, believed to be run by Moore and supported by comments posted in her name on Facebook, she describes the Norwegian court as a "kangaroo court", asks whether a "man like Breivik in a case such as this surely deserves a better trial than that?", refers to the "Leftist slander constantly being thrown to undermine him and his views", and defends him against charges of child murder by parroting Breivik's defence that his victims were young adults, attending an "indoctrination camp", and who were "not innocent". A comment attributed to Moore states

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