Cannabis Armistice tour, culminates in protest at parliament

A peaceful demonstration by approx 150 people, ended with no arrests, it looks like a very  successful effort in getting the debate out into the public arena. Go Dakta Green, and Go NORML, Go Al Mansell, and too many more names to mention.

From what I saw, and have heard, the police behavior throughout the day was very sensible, I believe the job of the police is to protect the society we live in from violence, and other harmful activity, a founding principal  of  a free society is freedom of speech, and the right to petition the government, I think they demonstrated today, that they indeed uphold the real values of a free society, well done NZ Police.

Here are a few pictures I snapped of the event:


Good turn out for 11am on a work day!

Leader of the ALCP and  Lawyer, Michael Appleby  chilling out with others.

Dakta Green made a passionate plea for sanity, and talked about the incarceration of Dakta Grower, a victim of the outdated cannabis prohibition policy. A political prisoner for standing up for what he believed was a natural human right.

It really is time the law is changed, I have been to alcohol fuelled parties, and cannabis fuelled parties, guess which one had more fights? While I am against under 18s smoking pot... would James Webster still be alive if he had a toke instead of a bottle of Vodka ?

I know I have done far dumber things under the influence of alcohol, then I ever have after smoking pot. (its like.. wow, why am I here, I wonder what matter is, where do atoms come from, do we live in a spectrum of consciousness that transcends physical reality... ).

Who are the police dealing with more in the weekends for disturbing the peace, drunks ? or pot smokers ?

Eden park should make pot smoking mandatory for all the hooligans cheeky

I can go bungee jumping, sky diving, rock climbing, snorkeling, driving on the motorway, and walk across a busy street, things all more dangerous then sitting in the privacy of my own home and smoking a herb... ridiculous!

I can join the police and get shot at, I can join the army and kill people, but jeeez, if you touch that herb, we'll lock you up! Maybe we live in a society run by morons... they sleep on the job, but we cant satire that... what a strange world we live in.

What is more harmful, smoking cannabis, or setting your balls on fire ? guess which one is illegal!!... surprise

We need some good ideas for getting this law changed, if you have some and would like to get involved, please visit NORML and join the forums,  send feedback on this article to Also check out some excellent mainstream coverage of the protest here and here. Also don't forget to visit the daktory