Another Chemtrailing Operation Over Whangarei & Reasons To Be Concerned
Unfortunately, Whangarei was hit by another aerosol operation - the third on our record for 2010. On the evening of the 1st of March and the morning of the 2nd, aerosols were seen in the sky over the township, as well as between Whangarei and Towai.

While there was cloud cover over Whangarei in the morning and afternoon of March the 2nd, rain had not fallen by time of writing, (5.00 pm), to my knowledge.

Research shows that there is good cause to have these aerosol operations halted and for a number of reasons.

As mentioned in a previous report, there have been a number of purposes identified for aerosol operations by independent investigators. Possibly the best known of these researchers is Clifford Carnicom of New Mexico, who has been drawing peoples' attention to the operations for a number of years, "out of necessity" he says. He wrote in a paper called Drought Inducement, back in 2002, which is on his website at, that: "Recent analysis leads to the conclusion that the extensive and systematic aerosol operations that are being conducted without informed consent are aggravating, if not instigating, the elevated drought conditions that are now commonly being observed." Is it a coincidence that we have a drought in Northland?

Furthermore, he said during a radio show on Coast to Coast FM in December 2009, that he has established via observations (he has conducted since 1999), that there is a signficant body of evidence to indicate the aerosol operations are being used for a wide range of programs - not merely weather modification. These include: military, electromagnetic, planetary and global modification, the development of an advanced surveillance system, biological purposes and they form part of a program being used to detect exotic propulsion systems, [1]. He said the operations constitute a very broad-scope program and that each of the seven branches mentioned is of huge complexity, and not one of them has been officially acknowledged.

Award-winning Canadian journalist, William Thomas, who wrote Chemtrails Confirmed, and Bringing The War Home, has also been out-spoken on the issue of chemtrails. He reported during the same Coast to Coast FM show of December the 20th 2009, that he has been in regularly contact with a source who speaks to people involved in the operations, including in other countries. Thomas said that he was advised by this source, whom he has known for 15 years, that "other programs were being piggy-backed on the chemtrails-climate modification project." In particular, he said that on some occasions, perhaps 1 in 100 flights, biowarfare simulants were and are being added to chemtrails, to make people sick enough to report to hospitals and doctors, so military researchers can track the dispersal patterns of these germs. The source said they were testing the possiblity of infecting entire regions and even "entire nations," [1]. In a sense, this has already occurred and what has been done is a crime against humanity.

A test being used called the "The Wine - Peroxide Test," has revealed the vast majority of the human population has already been infected with a man-made form of nanotech fiber, that has been linked to a potentially fatal disease called Morgellons. The most likely vector for this pathogen is chemtrails. For more information read: Chemtrails parasites have infected all of us.

1. Chemtrails Roundtable - Clifford Carnicom, William Thomas and Mark Allin on Coast To Coast FM with George Knapp, on December the 20th, 2009.

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