CO2 The Breath Of Life (For Plants)

Indoor Marijuana cultivators TAKE NOTE. By feeding plants higher levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) massive gains in plant yield can be achieved.

So, if you are growing plants such as cannabis indoors you most certainly should invest in equipment to increase your CO2 levels in your growing environment. All plants require CO2 to photosynthesize. CO2 is present in relatively low quantities, 300-450 Part Per Million or "ppm" in normal everyday air. But plant growth can be increased and accelerated by as much as 35% if the level of CO2 is increased to 1500 ppm.

Today's hydroponic and lighting systems are designed to provide the most efficient method for distributing nutrients and providing usable light however, without proper ventilation and/or an adequate supply of CO2, the plants may actually be starving! Starving because of too much food and/or light, and not enough CO2 for the leaves to achieve a high level of photosynthesis.