Rebecca Campbell files federal lawsuit over WHO flu scam in Seattle

This is a suit filed at the US District Court of Washington State in Seattle against Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of DHSS, Thomas Frieden, Director of the CDEC and Francis Collins, Director of the NIH as well as Margaret Ann Hamburg, Commissioner of the FDA.

The suit charges that a level 6 pandemic has been declared without proper cause, in the face of a very mild flu outbreak, that mass vaccinations are planned and can be enforced by US law, that vaccine maker Baxter has produced vaccine material contaminated with live virus, that vaccines contain toxic preservatives and adjuvants, and that martial law might be declared to enforce vaccination.

There is a demand for an injunction, and "that any officials of the federal government be thereby forbidden, now or in the future, to commit perjury concerning the alleged benefits or efficacy of any suspiciously derived/designed mandatory or voluntary vaccination". It also asks that a grand jury investigation be ordered "to prevent any possible injury to the American people by means of any aforementioned possible federally mandated martial law, with enforced vaccinations/ quarantines/ detentions, that a RICO (racketeering) investigation be conducted; and that an investigation by the US Attorney be ordered of several named officials, so as "to prevent any planned enforced bioweaponized vaccinations".