District 9 - A Science Fiction Film With Sophisticated New World Order Propaganda

The sophistication of New World Order propaganda originating from Hollywood is reaching an insane level. Proof of this can be seen with the new release of the Peter Jackson produced and Neill Blomkamp directed science fiction film District 9.

I had the opportunity to see this film over the weekend and was blown away with the multiple layers of mind control programming that is included in this movie. Anyone who has researched anything to do with the New World Order should immediately go see this film and analyze it. We live in a world in which everything is backwards.

The corporate controlled media conceals the truth where as Hollywood works of fiction usually end up revealing it. This is definitely true for District 9 as this film is obviously meant to condition the viewing audience to accept current realities and even future realities that the global controllers are preparing. The film also fictionalizes many real life truths which is very interesting in its own right.

The plot of the film centers around an alien race whose ship has become stranded on Earth above Johannesburg, South Africa. The ship lingers over the city for a period of time until the humans decide to finally enter the ship. The humans find a large group of aliens who are suffering from sickness and malnourishment. The humans then force the aliens out of the ship whom they label as Prawns to live in an overcrowded and militarized area called District 9 that is basically an alien slum governed under martial law. The area is policed by a private military industrial complex like corporation called Multi-National United or MNU.

The start of the film features MNU entering into District 9 as part of an effort to re-locate all of the Prawns away from the city and into a new area called District 10 an area that is actually even worse than District 9. Throughout this process the Prawns are all served eviction notices and are forced to move immediately. There are many references to the fact that the Prawns are required to obtain licenses in order to engage in certain activities or own certain items. In fact it is made fairly obvious that the Prawns can’t do much of anything without permission from MNU. There is even a scene in which MNU officers attempt to evict a Prawn named Christopher from his home and he mentions that they are required to give him a 24-hour notice. The head MNU officer Wikus van der Merwe than threatens to take his young alien son into child protective services as a means to get Christopher to cooperate. Throughout the process there are also references to how the humans want to keep the alien population low and a scene in which the humans use flame throwers to terminate unborn aliens.

Right out of the gates the film presents themes that are actually occurring right now in real life. Domination by large multi-national corporations operating almost as governments themselves, the attempted implementation of draconian population controls, the requirement to obtain all sorts of licenses and permits to conduct basic activities and the advocacy of the authorities taking children into protective custody for even the most absurd of reasons is actually already happening in real life today. In the United States there are many concentration camp styled facilities that could be used to house large numbers of people and scenarios that could theoretically be implemented to forcibly re-locate people to these camps which is one of the main themes depicted in the movie.

The film gets crazier when the head van der Merwen who is in charge of the re-location operation gets exposed to an alien engineered substance which slowly begins to change him into an alien. He is eventually taken to a hospital where it is discovered that one of his arms has now transformed into an alien arm. They take him to a MNU laboratory where all sorts of bizarre and unethical scientific experiments are conducted on Prawns and after running tests on him force him through means of torture to test fire alien weapons. MNU through years of testing become aware of the fact that the alien weaponry is bio-engineered so that only beings with correct DNA are capable of using the weapons. Upon realizing that van der Merwe is capable of firing the alien weapons, they decide to harvest his body for organs while he’s alive so they can reproduce his DNA structure and develop a method of bio-engineering other humans that can use the alien weapons.

Before they can dissect him he battles the doctors and escapes. His body has now become a valuable commodity to MNU because his DNA structure contains the ability for humans to be modified so they can use the powerful alien weapons. MNU goes on a desperate manhunt to find him. The corporate controlled media plasters his face over television screens with the claim that he has developed a sexually transmitted disease that they say resulted from him having intercourse with an alien.

So essentially, we see the film depicting the corporate controlled media creating a false reality just like they do in real life. The concept of organ harvesting, grotesque/unethical underground experimentation and the merging of DNA between different species are shown. We also see a multi-national corporation involved in these and other practices for the sole purpose of profit or gain. These are all themes that should sound quite familiar to anybody who has done any sort of research on the New World Order.

The film even goes so far as to depict members of African gangs who believe that by eating alien flesh that they will gain their powers. This appears to be a reference to various belief systems that date back to the ancient occult world that eating flesh or drinking blood will give the consumer power. This also loosely ties in with the concept of blood sacrifice. Amazingly these practices are widely believed by many to be conducted up until this day by individuals associated with secretive occult orders.

Another interesting tidbit is that at the end of the film Christopher the main alien character states that he will return in 3 years. Although, I was unable to catch if the film reveals what year it is supposed to be set in, if we assume that it is set in present day in the year 2009 which I'm guessing many viewers would assume than basically 2012 would mark the year the aliens are expected to return to the Earth. This appears to be an attempt to condition the viewing audience into believing that an alien invasion or some sort of event is going to happen in 2012. Of course, this has been a continuous theme we have seen promoted in the corporate controlled media and it looks like we’ll see more of it when the end of the world disaster film 2012 is released later this year.

But perhaps the biggest overall theme that the film presents is that it depicts human beings as being evil and the aliens as the victims. This is obvious mind control programming designed to make people subconsciously believe that human beings are bad. We are bludgeoned with all sorts of propaganda promoting depopulation and how humans are destroying the environment and this film feeds into that.

Despite all of the propaganda in District 9, I have to admit that the film is very well done and entertaining, but obviously contains all sorts of references and themes to things that are actually happening or that the global elite are preparing to do to human populations. The only difference is that the film depicts the global elite through this fictional multi-national corporation doing these things to aliens. A well done film, but it contains some of the most slickly crafted New World Order propaganda ever put in a Hollywood movie.