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Crowdsourcing Project Cortex

Acting Head of the Government Communication Security Bureau Una Jagose was interviewed by Patrick Gower for this week’s episode of TV3’s The Nation. Much of the Bureau’s work was off limits in the interview (including any discussion of the GCSB’s involvement in any “full-take” capability as part of the US-led Five Eyes network), but Jagose was interviewed at length about Cortex, the Government’s cybersecurity programme.

Yes, This Is A Financial Crisis – 11 TRILLION Dollars In Stock Market Wealth Was Wiped Out In The 3rd Quarter 2015

Did you know that 11 trillion dollars in global stock market wealth was wiped out during the third quarter of 2015? When I was emailed this figure by a friend, I was stunned for a moment. I knew that things were bad, but were they really this bad? When I first received this information, I had just finished a taping for a television show in which I had boldly declared that 5 trillion dollars of stock market wealth had been wiped out around the world. Unfortunately, the final number has turned out to be much larger than that. Over the past three months, the stock markets of all major global economies have been crashing simultaneously, and 11 trillion dollars of “paper wealth” has now completely vanished.

American Government Bombs Civilian Hospital

Medical aid group Doctors Without Borders — also known as Médecins Sans Frontières, or MSF — said on Sunday that the death toll from a suspected US airstrike on a hospital in Afghanistan has climbed to 22, with 12 MSF staff and 10 patients, including three children, killed in the attack.

The humanitarian organization issued a statement on Sunday denying that Taliban fighters were firing from its hospital in Kunduz at Afghan and NATO forces before the bombing, which also left dozens of people seriously wounded.

Canada raids farm for supplying raw milk demand; food freedom activists successfully defend farm with civil disobedience

Michael Schmidt is a Canadian dairy farmer and raw milk advocate who was raided October 2 by Canadian bureaucrats and police. Michael has been a huge proponent for raw milk for over 30 years and he has been instrumental in changing policy on raw milk.

Michael currently operates a shareholder agreement with people who are part owners on the farm. This farm is not Michael's farm, but he does milk the cows and helps make deliveries to help the farmers out.

200,000 More People use Welfare Since National Took Power

Complaints lodged with work and income have increased by 30% according to The government blames this on rising numbers of people needing assistance. According to their numbers, about 200,000 more since 2008.

The government has been telling us for the last 7 years that benefit numbers have been coming down. Now they are saying they are up, and if the numbers that have been quoted are correct the numbers are up significantly. Over 1 million people in this country of 4.5 million are now using government welfare.

The government has exposed it's own spin on welfare numbers while trying to defend it's welfare reforms that have turned Work And Income offices into hostile bullying environments designed to intimidate people in need and make the process of seeking help and assistance in times of need a frightening and heart wrenching fuck-around.

TPPA Announcement Due approx 3pm Oct 5th 2015 NZ Time

Watch live at about 3pm: Trans-Pacific Partnership Atlanta Ministerial Press Conference

TPPA Corporate Power Grab About to be Finalised

Prime Minister John Clark and former PM Helen Key at the UN this week.

Talks by trade ministers involved in the Trans Pacific Partnership have been pushed out by a further day - a sign the agreement is on the verge of a breakthrough.

Prime Minister John Key leaves New York today while Trade Minister Tim Groser remains in Atlanta at the trade talks. Mr Key said those were due to end early this morning but had been pushed out to Saturday (Sunday NZT).

Is Big Pharma Murdering Our Cutting-Edge Doctors? Yes, Of Course They Are...

Depending on who you read, the number of cutting-edge (non-drug) health professionals dying under suspicious circumstances varies, but is rapidly increasing. The last doctor, 59 year-old Mitch Gaynor MD, a personal friend, and regular guest interview, of TV Doctor Oz , supposedly committed suicide in his back yard of his country home.

Bullshit - Gaynor was at the top of his game. My thinking? Gaynor was murdered, openly, as a message for Oz. What message? "Shut the fuck up, or you're next."

Australian Banks Launch War on Bitcoin

Australia’s largest banks have ended all financial support and abruptly closed down the bank accounts of at least 17 Australian Bitcoin companies, including the Australian Digital Currency Commerce Association Chairman Ron Tucker’s Australian bitcoin exchange Bit Trade.

“The banks had not advised any of our members. To the best of our knowledge all, or nearly all digital currency businesses have received letters from their bank, or in many cases banks, advising of the closure of their accounts. This includes at least 17, with 13 of these closed permanently,” Tucker told Bitcoin Magazine.

The ‘Microsoft Loves Linux’ Baloney is Still Being Floated in the Media While Microsoft Attacks Linux With Patents, New Lawsuits Reported

THE land of the insane would have us believe that free thinkers are the enemy and indoctrinated peons are model citizens. The corporate media would have us believe that Microsoft, which attacks Linux, actually “loves Linux” (because Microsoft’s CEO said so). We very much doubt that our existing readers believe the nonsense from Microsoft, but just in case, here is a refutation of some of the latest media propaganda. Microsoft is not the only one attacking Linux with software patents; its own patent trolls do too, so it’s not always so visible on the surface.

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