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Just how much information can be squeezed from one week of your metadata?

From one week of logs, we were able to attach a timestamp to 15,000 records. Each time Ton's phone made a connection with a communications tower and each time he sent an email or visited a website, we could see when this occurred and where he was at that moment, down to a few metres. We were able to infer a social network based on his phone and email traffic. Using his browser data, we were able to see the sites he visited and the searches he made. And we could see the subject, sender and recipient of every one of his emails.

These are some of the basic things that the researchers discerned from just one week's worth of metadata from Siedsma's life:


Dear Mr Key: Yesterday Mr Glenn Greenwald, and Mr Edward Snowden released to the New Zealand public further information about mass surveillance impacting upon the privacy of New Zealanders who use the Internet and cellular communication networks. You have gone to great lengths to discredit them (using, as Mr Greenwald observed, adolescent name calling) and to divert attention by releasing documents about a project that does not relate to surveillance of any kind. It is unfortunate that we have learnt more about the actions of our government from them instead of from you. I understand from media reports that you have challenged Messrs Greenwald and Snowden to provide evidence of mass surveillance and NSA bases in New Zealand. Since neither man is a citizen of this country (although, in my view, New Zealand would be greatly enhanced if they were) I have decided to do that on their behalf.

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New Zealand PM Releases Documents... That Don't Actually Discuss GCSB Mass Surveillance

So, basically all that Key has revealed is that GCSB supported an overly broad cyberattack plan that would let the GCSB take it upon itself to deal with cyberattacks -- a plan so insane that even the US has rejected it -- in part because it would massively increase surveillance. So, Key has revealed secretly approved plans to increase GCSB surveillance, while pretending he's debunking increased GCSB surveillance. And, yet, the documents don't even address any of Greenwald and Snowden's actual claims. When asked about that Key appears to have done his standard childish pouting, refusing to answer about specifics...

NSA and GCHQ Using the 'Treasure Map' to Real-Time Spy on World's Internet and Telecom Networks

Latest documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden have alleged that there exists a top-secret NSA program that is capable of mapping the entire world's internet, locating every single smartphone, tablet and computer connected on the web in real-time.

The ultimate Big Brother program, entitled Treasure Map, is not only able to hack broadband networks belonging to internet service providers (ISPs) around the world, but also monitors every single landline and mobile network running in the world in order to create an accurate visualisation of the world's data traffic.

John Key is a Traitor and a Liar, The New Zealand Media is Heavily Populated With Traitors and Liars

The photo above is of John Key, our most corrupt Prime Minister ever and leader of the most corrupt government this country has ever been a victim of. John Key has lied to the whole country about the scale of surveillance that our poulation is currently being subjected to.

As Edward Snowden personally revealed to the whole country yesterday:

NSA whistleblower Snowden says kiwis are ‘being watched’

“Ask yourself: why do analysts have a checkbox on a top secret system that hides the results of mass surveillance in New Zealand if there is no mass surveillance in New Zealand?, ” Snowden said.


Surely John Key's Political Career is Over Courtesy of Kim Dotcom's Moment of Truth

John Key promised to resign if New Zealand was being subjected to mass surveillance under his governance. We now know for sure that the country is under total surveillance. John Key repeatedly lied to us about this.

Thank's to Edward Snowden personally entering the discussion today by submitting an article he wrote via the Intercept website and appearing live via a Skype like encrypted video calling feature on tonight at Aucklands town hall, we know that our Prime Minister has been lying to the whole country about mass surveillance PERIOD!

Interestingly Snowden has also revealed that there is a secret NSA office located in Auckland.

New Zealand Launched Mass Surveillance Project While Publicly Denying It

The New Zealand spy agency, the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), worked in 2012 and 2013 to implement a mass metadata surveillance system even as top government officials publicly insisted no such program was being planned and would not be legally permitted.

Snowden: New Zealand’s Prime Minister Isn’t Telling the Truth About Mass Surveillance

By Edward Snowden via THE INTERCEPT: Like many nations around the world, New Zealand over the last year has engaged in a serious and intense debate about government surveillance. The nation’s prime minister, John Key of the National Party, has denied that New Zealand’s spy agency GCSB engages in mass surveillance, mostly as a means of convincing the country to enact a new law vesting the agency with greater powers. This week, as a national election approaches, Key repeated those denials in anticipation of a report in The Intercept today exposing the Key government’s actions in implementing a system to record citizens’ metadata.

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