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More Damage Done to New Zealands International Reputation by Corrupt Liar Prime Minister John Key

New Zealand used NSA data to spy on rival trade leader candidates: Want to understand why far-reaching, poorly scrutinized spying programs are dangerous? Here's why. The Intercept and the New Zealand Herald have obtained a document showing that New Zealand used the US National Security Agency's XKeyscore surveillance system to spy on other countries' candidates for the World Trade Organization's director general role. The 2013 snooping campaign searched for keywords in communications that referenced New Zealand's own candidate Minister of Trade Tim Groser, the competition and the WTO itself. Any relevant results were passed on to a "trade team" within the country's surveillance agency, the Government Communications Security Bureau, which is rather alarming when the leadership run had nothing to do with national security.

Whistle blower alleges that FBI knew CIA was behind Anthrax attacks as part of operation to fuel public terror

The government says Matt DeHart is an online child predator. He says that’s a ruse created because he discovered shocking CIA secrets and claims he was tortured by federal agents. The only thing that’s clear is that he’s in deep trouble.

Protecting us From Terrorism and Security Not the Primary Function of the GCSB

The most likely reason the corrupt National Government has refused to feed kids in schools and slashed benefits for disabled and sick children is so the country can afford to conduct mass surveillance on everyone, especially foreign diplomats.

If John Key was not such a corrupt liar and had kept his promise to resign if it was ever revealed NZ was involved in mass or illegal spying activities (which has now happened) then we could begin to dismantle our out of control spy agency.

As long as we have a pathological liar for a Prime Minister we can expect things like this to just get worse.
Secret document reveals Five Eyes software used for surveillance on candidates for WTO job:

Northland By-Election: Nationals Candidate is a Plonker

This video is almost hard to watch as Mark Osborne carefully recites his lines in front of the camera oblivious to the actual questions the interviewer is asking him. The corrupt National Party has shown how complacent they have become, thinking they could just throw any muppet to stand in the "safe National Party electorate" of Northland. It now appears that they have inadvertently thrown their muppet under a bus being driven by Winston Peters.

TEPCO: Fukushima nuclear Unit 1 did melt down in 2011 accident

The Tokyo Electric Power Corp. says Unit 1 at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant did, in fact, meltdown during the 2011 accident.

TEPCO released results from a three-day study in February of the Unit 1 reactor building jointly with the International Research Institute for Nuclear Decommissioning. The two companies collected data until March 10. The project used cosmic rays to inspect the interior of the building. By analyzing the flow of muons, which are subatomic particles generated when cosmic rays collide with the atmosphere, TEPCO was able to generate X-ray like images of the interior of the reactor. Muons can pass through concrete and iron, but they are blocked and change direction when they hit high-density substances such as plutonium and uranium, creating a “shadow.”

Intel Joins the Blockchain Technology Race, Forms Special Research Group

Last week Bitcoin Magazine reported that IBM is considering adopting the blockchain technology behind Bitcoin to create a digital cash and payment system for government and central banks. Now another technology giant is joining the digital fintech technology race: Intel is planning to investigate the potential of blockchain technology.

Intel has posted a job announcement for a new researcher to join its special innovation projects group to “investigate hardware and software capabilities that advance the performance, robustness, and scalability of open, decentralized ledgers.”

NSA whistleblower: ‘We’re no longer a country with a government, we’re a government with a country’

Former National Security Agency technical director turned whistleblower William Binney told radio-talk show host Alex Jones Wednesday that the United States no longer represented a country with a constitutional government.

Binney, a 36-year agency veteran who blew the whistle on domestic surveillance in 2001, warned that the United States was sliding dangerously close to “totalitarianism” under the NSA’s plan for a “controlled society.”

10 Charts Which Show We Are Much Worse Off Than Just Before The Last Economic Crisis

If you believe that ignorance is bliss, you might not want to read this article. I am going to dispel the notion that there has been any sort of “economic recovery”, and I am going to show that we are much worse off than we were just prior to the last economic crisis. If you go back to 2007, people were feeling really good about things. Houses were being flipped like crazy, the stock market was booming and unemployment was relatively low. But then the financial crisis of 2008 struck, and for a while it felt like the world was coming to an end. Of course it didn’t come to an end – it was just the first wave of our problems.

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