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ABS: Australians with lower levels of education are more likely to be on anti-depressant (and other mental health-related) prescription drugs

Education and training are important means by which individuals can realise their full potential and make positive choices about their wellbeing. Education and training are often essential to gaining paid employment, and can provide the pathway to a rewarding career.

Of the 3 million Australians aged 15-64 years whose highest level of education was a Bachelor degree or higher, 6.4% accessed a PBS subsidised mental health-related medication in 2011.

Of the 3.7 million Australians aged 15-64 years whose highest level of education was Year 11 or below, 14.5% accessed a PBS subsidised mental health-related medication in 2011.

Police Infuriated About New “Cop Detecting” Device That Warns People When a Cop is Near

A powerful new device has hit the market that promises to warn drivers of nearby emergency vehicles, including police cars, fire trucks and ambulances. The device is called “Target Blu Eye” and is being sold by the Dutch Company Target Automotive.

The Blu Eye system works by monitoring frequencies that are used by emergency vehicles and then alerts the driver when those frequencies are nearby. It does not allow the driver to listen in on the encrypted communications, but will simply give a signal when those frequencies are nearby.

Austerity For The Poor, 6 figure Brand New Limousines For John Key and His Gang in Government

In these austere times, would it not be more fiscally prudent for our politicians to get around in economical Toyota’s? I thought this John Key guy was good with money. Bwaahahaha!

Prime Minister John Key's new Government will soon have new ministerial limousines to replace the existing fleet of 34 BMWs.

Lights, Camera… Covert Action: The Deep Politics of Hollywood

Here we build a prima facie case supporting the idea that Hollywood continues to be a target for infiltration and subversion by a variety of state agencies, in particular the CIA. Academic debates on cinematic propaganda are almost entirely retrospective, and whilst a number of commentators have drawn attention to Hollywood’s longstanding and open relationship with the Pentagon, little of substance has been written about the more clandestine influences working through Hollywood in the post-9/11 world. As such, our work delves into the field of what Peter Dale Scott calls “deep politics”; namely, activities which cannot currently be fully understood due to the covert influence of shadowy power players.

Canada Is About to Authorize Its Own Global Spying Operations

The Canadian government has proposed new anti-terror legislation that will authorize its spies to look outside its own borders for the first time.

Privacy advocates had feared that two recent terrorist attacks would trigger a push for controversial new powers such as pre-emptively detaining terror suspects and cracking down on pro-ISIS online propaganda.

It appears the government has exercised some restraint while attempting to increase its own powers, but the proposal still includes unprecedented, broad new powers for the nation's spying agencies.

Chris Hedges: The Myth of a Free Press

There is more truth about American journalism in the film “Kill the Messenger,” which chronicles the mainstream media’s discrediting of the work of the investigative journalist Gary Webb, than there is in the movie “All the President’s Men,” which celebrates the exploits of the reporters who uncovered the Watergate scandal.

The mass media blindly support the ideology of corporate capitalism. They laud and promote the myth of American democracy—even as we are stripped of civil liberties and money replaces the vote. They pay deference to the leaders on Wall Street and in Washington, no matter how perfidious their crimes. They slavishly venerate the military and law enforcement in the name of patriotism.

Nuclear Watch: Fukushima High levels of radiation found 460,000 Bq/L 10/25/2014

TEPCO says it has found high levels of radioactive cesium in groundwater in the compound. Officials at TEPCO say a recent typhoon may be the cause… TEPCO officials say water taken on Wednesday from a well had 460,000 becquerels of cesium per liter (Bq/l)… another well contained 424,000 becquerels. Officials say those levels are 800 to 900 times the previous peak. The wells are several meters west of the No. 2 reactor… The utility plans to treat the tainted groundwater and discharge it into the ocean, but local people strongly oppose the plan…

Hutt River Wellington Contaminated With 1080 Poisoned Possum Carcasses?

The Hutt City Council in Wellington New Zealand has been posting these signs around the Hutt River in the last day or so warning of possible 1080 poisoned possum carcasses washing down the river after recent heavy rain. There was obviously a recent 1080 drop in the Rimutaka area, incidentally this is the same area that is the drinking water catchment area for Wellington. I wonder how much 1080 has entered our water supply after this? Do not worry, I am sure a nice council person will assure us it is all completely safe in a day or two.

US Government Authority Intended for Terrorism is Used for Other Purposes

Throughout the Patriot Act debate the Department of Justice urged Congress to pass Section 213 because it needed the sneak and peak power to help investigate and prosecute terrorism crimes “without tipping off terrorists.” In 2005, FBI Director Robert Mueller continued the same exact talking point, emphasizing sneak and peek warrants were “an invaluable tool in the war on terror and our efforts to combat serious criminal conduct.”

A closer look at the number of sneak and peek warrants issued (a reporting requirement imposed by Congress) shows this is simply not the case. The last publicly available report about sneak and peek warrants was released in 2010; however, the Administrative Office of the US Courts has finally released reports from 2011, 2012, and 2013.

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