If you’re 27 or younger, you’ve never experienced a colder-than-average month (BULLSH*T)

According to http://grist.org/news/if-youre-27-or-younger-youve-never-experienced-a-c... "Nowhere on the surface of the planet have we seen any record cold temperatures over the course of the year so far. Every land surface in the world saw warmer-than-average temperatures except Alaska and the eastern tip of Russia. The continental United States has been blanketed with record warmth — and the seas just off the East Coast have been much warmer than average, for which Sandy sends her thanks."
However back here in reality: Well below average temperatures in New Zealand (around 1.2°C below the October average) were observed over the south and west of the South Island, as well as between Mt. Ruapehu and Hamilton and including inland Bay of Plenty, reflecting the frequent southwest winds during the month. Temperatures were also below average (between 0.5°C and 1.2°C below the October average) for Otago and parts of south Canterbury. For north Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough, the southwest North Island between Wellington and Taranaki, and for the north and east of the North Island, temperatures were generally near average (within 0.5°C of the October average). The nation-wide average temperature in October 2012 was 11.8°C (0.4°C below the 1971-2000 October average), using NIWA’s seven-station temperature series which begins in 1909.

Extreme June cold snap breaks records(NZ)
The extreme cold snap which hit much of the country in early June brought the lowest daytime maximum temperatures on record to parts of Canterbury, and the lowest June maximums to some other areas.

New Zealand Climate Update 158 – August 2012
July started unusually cold and dry, due to winter time anticyclones or ridges prevailing over the country during the first half of the month, bringing clear skies, light winds and a recipe for frost. Frosts during the period 1 July to 5 July were particularly severe.

BEIJING (AP) — China Meteorological Administration says the country's average temperature has hit the lowest in 28 years this winter, as snow and ice throughout China have closed highways, canceled flights and stranded travelers.